Jade and China

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History of Jade

China is recognized as the only remaining country of the four ancient civilizations. Since the beginning of history, there have been records of using jade stone. The origin of jade can be traced back to the late Paleolithic period, which was twenty or thirty thousand years ago. In the Paleolithic Age the ancients used jade as normal stone, making as tools for working. Later the beauty of jade was discovered, people started to research the natural lines and warm color of jade. Then jade was separated from stone tools and made into household utensils and decoration. From the Dynasties of Xia(BC2070-1600) and Shang(BC1600-1046) to the Spring and Autumn(BC770-476), and Warring States periods, jade were only used by the king before Qinshihuang the first Emperor unified China. Looking at the writing of the Chinese character jade, we know that the jade(玉) character is almost same as the king(王) character. Jade is the symbol of the emperor/power and only emperor could use it at that periods. From Qin Dynasty(BC221) to the Tang Dynasty(618-907), jade was still seen the simbol of rank, status and power, only king and king’s family could use jade. From Song Dynasty to the present, jade has entered an era. Jade was no longer belonged only to the royal family, but could also be worn by ordinary people. Everyone could own and use jade products. This has created an unprecedented period of prosperity for jade culture.

At the age of Emperors, Jade was carved a lot and made of cups, plates, bottles, ornamental crafts, belts, crowns, jewelry and many more. Jade is noble and means power and good luck. Jade represented status and was used to make sacrificial and ritual objects too. Now, jade is mainly used in jewelry as beads. In China, the habit of wearing jade has always existed for thousands of years and has never been cut off. Even today, almost everyone has at least one piece of jade. Jade is endowed with new symbols of peace, health, wealth, good luck, hope, morality, beauty, justice, energy and more. At GuzenJewelry factory, Jade stone is made into earrings, bracelets, pendants and so on. Jade is made of any shape, when made in fish shape it means rich; when made in dunut shape it means health; when made in bamboo shape it means promotion… We can say jade plays an important role in people’s mateiral life and spiritual level all the time. Today, not only Chinese people like jade, but also many people in other countries of the world love wearing jade. Jade is the most powerful stone that it could give you all the love, courage, wealth. peace and health. Jade can increase fortune. It’s also believed that jade stone has healing properties. There is no other stone that can take the place of jade in the hearts of Chinese people. Guzen Jewelry as a China gemstone manufacturer, supplying jade products since the establishment of the gemstone factory. Guzen has a huge amount of jade material, and making jade in many shapes as bicone, round, faceted, coin, tube, heart, rice and so on. Of course you could custom any other shape and size by your need. Check the natural jade beads from here!

Except Chinese genuine jade, there’re other natural jade stones from other countries like Chrysoprase from Australia, so it’s also called Australian Jade; Canadian Jade which from Canada; Russian Jade Jasper; Afghanistan Jade Jasper; Burmese Jadite and more a lot. Contact us to wholesale jade beads to add more historical elements to your jewelry to make your jewlery more meaningful!


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