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Wholesale Jewelry Supplier In San Francisco, CA

It’s hard to talk about the most stunning tourist destinations in California and not mention San Francisco.


The metropolitan city is known for its rich history, iconic attractions and bustling lifestyle. If not for the Golden Gate Bridge alone, the art and history scene in the city makes it a must-visit place for tourists all across the world. Among the many prosperous business industries in the city is that of jewelry. You’ll find some of the most eccentric jewelry businesses in the US in San Francisco. A lot of these businesses are also run on online platforms by home-based individuals.


In the digital age, sourcing raw materials for your DIY jewelry business no longer requires in-depth explorations of the local vendor markets. Instead, business owners can simply buy jewelry accessories online from wholesale jewelry suppliers that supply bulk orders across San Francisco, CA.


This is where our online jewelry craft store, Guzen Jewelry, comes in.

About Guzen Jewelry

Guzen Jewelry is an online jewelry craft store that has been serving American jewelry business owners for the past five years. Our shop is based in China but our team specializes in supplying bulk quantities of jewelry-making materials across major regions in the US. Our team has a decade-long experience in the jewelry industry, due to which we have gained the expertise required to provide top-notch services.


Our goal is to support jewelry businesses in America by enabling them to access high-quality jewelry materials from all across the world. Our online jewelry craft store is the best place to buy beads and other jewelry materials at wholesale in San Francisco, CA. The biggest value-added benefit you get from our services is that we offer market competitive prices you won’t find elsewhere.


Our range of premium quality jewelry accessories includes:

  • Gemstone beads, chips and nuggets
  • Shell accessories
  • Gold-plated brass beads and accessories
  • Pearl beads
  • Bone beads, etc.


All of the materials we offer are carefully picked out as per the industry demand. We also incorporate industry trends and latest jewelry designs into our catalog. Our attention to customer-centric requirements and focus on innovation is what makes our services stand out. You can buy jewelry accessories in San Francisco from us without worrying about quality because we already guarantee it.


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