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No state in the US fulfills the essence of country living quite as well as Tennessee does. Its state capital, Nashville, is home to the nation’s best country music. Some of the most innovative musicians, celebrities, and artists are native to Nashville — making it a city to look out for.


You’ll find some unique cultural influences in Nashville, too. Residents in the southern city have often been known to have peculiar and individualistic interests— be it in music, fashion, sports or food. Jewelry is also something that Nashville residents like to incorporate their innovation into. For the spiritual, gemstones are very popular jewelry-making materials in the city. For the old-school, brass accessories are the way to go.


This presents an opportunity for established or aspiring jewelry business owners. They can start incorporating highly sought-after gemstone beads into their jewelry crafts and earn a whole new customer base in the city. You can also easily source jewelry-making materials in Nashville, TN due to the presence of online jewelry vendors like Guzen Jewelry. We make it easy for you to buy wholesale gemstone beads and other jewelry accessories in Nashville, TN.

About Guzen Jewelry

Guzen Jewelry is an online jewelry material wholesaler that specializes in supplying bulk quantities of jewelry-making materials across the US.


We founded the online jewelry craft store in 2016. Our team itself has an experience of over ten years in the jewelry industry, which is why we are highly skilled at our line of work. The purpose of our store is to increase US jewelry business owner’s access to premium quality jewelry accessories at market competitive prices. If you’re a jewelry business owner or are planning to become one, our online jewelry craft store is the best place to buy jewelry accessories online in Nashville, TN for you.


You can now buy high-quality gemstone beads and gold-plated brass beads online in Nashville, TN with ease. Our range of jewelry-making materials includes:


  • Gemstone beads
  • Gold-plated brass beads
  • Pearl beads
  • Bone beads
  • Bamboo coral pieces
  • Brass accessories


Our strict quality control procedures ensure that we bring only the most exceptional quality materials to you. We also work on providing excellent customer service so that your experience with us makes you trust our service and build a great business relationship with us.


You can reach out to us to buy wholesale beads and jewelry accessories in Nashville, TN.