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Online Jewelry Craft Stores in Miami, FL

Fashion is a very important aspect of the lifestyle in the beachy city of Miami. The tropical climate and Latin-American influences make the city stand out from other Florida regions. As a business owner in Miami, you’re likely to flourish if fashion is the niche you’re targeting.


This is why professional designers and novice individuals are making the most of Miami’s eccentric fashion trends. Jewelry, in particular, makes a bold statement when paired with the city’s social atmosphere. For young jewelry business-owners, standing out is the key to success in a somewhat saturated industry. It’s important for them to produce jewelry accessories using unique and high-quality materials to avoid losing customers to global brands.


Online jewelry craft stores and suppliers understand this strategy, and are trying to help jewelry businesses across Miami acquire the best quality jewelry-making pieces without breaking the bank. Guzen Jewelry is one such online jewelry wholesaler that supplies jewelry pieces at factory prices.

About Guzen Jewelry

We are an online jewelry materials supplier with service areas across the United States. Our jewelry craft shop is based in Guangzhou City, China and our products are sourced from around the world. As a jewelry-making business owner, you’ll find the best quality products for the most competitive rates at our online jewelry craft store.


We ensure the premium quality of our products by sourcing them from authentic sources. Whether you’re a home-based DIY jewelry business owner or a professional jewelry designer in Miami, our products can help you acquire superior quality in your jewelry crafts. Our excellent customer service and fast turnaround times make us a reliable vendor to partner with.


You can buy the following range of products in bulk from our store:


  • Gold-plated brass accessories
  • Gemstone beads, nuggets and chips
  • Bone beads
  • Pearl beads
  • Shell accessories


You can also buy pre-made necklaces, bracelets and earrings containing the incredible materials listed above. Having been in the jewelry business for more than 5 years, we have garnered expertise that enables us to provide top-notch products at affordable prices. Our team has a collective experience of over 10 years as well, which helps us conduct our business with a customer-centric approach.


Our products are available for online purchase throughout Miami, FL. If you’d like to place a bulk order or resolve any queries, feel free to reach out to us.