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Online Jewelry Craft Store In Houston, TX

Houston may not be the state capital, but the city has cemented itself as one of Texas’ most peculiar and fascinating regions. This is all thanks to its rich history and thriving lifestyle.


The city’s name became an iconic historical facet since it was uttered during the famous Apollo 13 mission to the moon. Since then, Houston has become a hub of science and space exploration. But that’s not all the Southeastern city has to offer. It is also home to a blooming entrepreneurship circle. Thousands of individuals have started and successfully run their own businesses in the city over the past few decades.


One of the business niches that has proven to be prosperous in Houston is the handmade jewelry industry. That’s why more people are starting their own jewelry-making businesses in the city. A large part of running your own jewelry business, whether you’re an established jewelry designer or a beginner, is sourcing your raw materials. Thankfully, you can find incredible wholesale jewelry material vendors online who let you buy jewelry accessories in bulk in Houston, TX.


This is where our online store ‘Guzen Jewelry’ comes in.

About Guzen Jewelry

Guzen Jewelry is an online wholesale supplier of jewelry materials in the US. Our team has a collective experience of over 10 years in the jewelry business. We established the online store with the aim of providing professional American jewelry designers and novice home-based jewelry-making businesses with the best quality jewelry materials in the market.


On our online jewelry craft store, you’ll find premium quality jewelry-making materials that you can buy to make your own jewelry crafts. We conduct extensive market research to source the most sought-after jewelry accessories from China for you. All of our products are collected based on the latest industry trends and innovative jewelry designs.


You can buy beads in bulk from our store. The range includes the following products:


  • Gemstone beads, chips and nuggets
  • Bamboo coral jewelry pieces
  • Shell accessories
  • Gold-plated brass beads and accessories
  • Bone beads
  • Pearl beads and chips


In our gemstone collection, you can choose from agate, amazonite, chrysoprase, smoky quartz, white quartz and turquoise. You can use these materials to make your jewelry crafts stand out in the saturated US jewelry market. As jewelry material wholesalers, we also offer jewelry accessories like metal clasps, pendants, ear wires, bead cabs, etc.


If you’d like to buy jewelry materials in bulk from us, please get in touch.