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The Best China Gemstone Manufacturer

We are Guangzhou Guzen Jewelry Co.,Ltd-the best gemstone manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Guangdong province. With our own gemstone factory in Ketang Jewelry Town, we manufacture and wholesale all kinds of gemstones beads at factory wholesale prices. Our bead products include amazoniteturquoisemoonstone, chrysocolla turquoise, amethyst, smoky quartz, white quartz, rose quartz, angelite, apatiteaquamarine, rhodochrosite, agate, black tourmalinelabradorite, obsidian, rutilated quartz, black sunstone, spinel, aventurine, sapphire, ruby, spot stone, tiger eye, bronzite, jadecharoite, peridot, chrysoprase, citrine, cloudy crystal, diopside, eagle eyeemeraldfluorite, garnet, green angel, kyanite, phantom crystal, jasper, hypersthene, iolite, kunzitelapis lazulilarimarlepidolitemalachite, mica, morganite, moukaite, ocean stone, opal, peruvian turquoise, peter stone, picture stone, prehnite, pyrite, red stone, purple ledolite quartz, rhodonite, ruby in zoisite, sodolite, strawberry quartz, tanzanite, topaz, brazil turquoise, unakite, howlite, shell, pearl and so on. 

The Founder

About Guzen’s history, we have to talk about the founder-Jade Wong. Jade is named from natural jadeite which is not perfert, we know well jadeite always has natural bad lines, impurities and even cracks. Like one person was born to a unhappy family, like a person may do wrong, but it’s ok, we accept life from God to us, we admit and correct what we have done wrong. Jade is not perfect, but speical, everyone is special. Not perfect is making us perfect.

Jade was born to a family manufacturing gemstone beads in 1984. The place of her growth is the World Jewelry Factory-Ketang Jewelry Town. Till now in the world over 70% of gemstone and semi-precious gemstone beads are produced by this town. Ketang has more than 35 years of experience in gemstone beads. All the manufacturing techniques are exquisite and have been leading the world over 20years. Influenced by the industry in this place, Jade’ve had an indissoluble bond with jewelry since she was born, she was born to love jewelry. Her original toys were various of stone beads and roughs, she is naturally sensitive to the color of gemstone. 40 years ago, most parts of the mainland were very old villages and very poor. At that time the annual per capita GDP of China was only about 200dollars. But the annual income of farmers in villages and small towns might be less than 30dallars. Every family engaged in ancient farming to support their families. There were no factories or other employment opportunities in villages and towns, so people had no other income. Farmers who could only reply on manual farming for a living simply couldn’t let their children go to school or even have enough to eat. With the reform and opening up of Shenzhen in 1980s, Jade’s uncles imported some bead machines from Hongkong to Ketang town, then the first China jewelry factory was set up!

When Jade was a little child, she was looking how the workers cut the stone, drilling the holes, polishing the beads. Jade knows well each part of the production procedures. After her school time she helped the family to run the factory, she trained the new workers, taught them how to do cutting according to the natural texture of stones. Jade keeps very strict on quality control, her professionalism has been praised by many clients. After Jade graduated from university, she felt she could do more than doing gemstone bead business. She started to make jewelry findings and jewerly. Jade loves native american jewelry deeply, expecially the turquoise styles, they are classic. Classic jewelry makes you forget time, that’s what she’s after.

Jade started Guzen Jewelry with the singular mission to provide premium quality gemstone beads, jewelry accessories and jewelry in the latest styles with factory direct selling price. Guzen is your one-stop shop. Guzen provides all kinds of gemstone materials in different grades, you can order any beads in any grades; You can custom any shape: round, faceted, biconechipcoincube, donut, dropdrum, flower, hearthexagonnuggetpearoval,puffy, rectanglerhombusricerockrondelleslabsquaresticktriangletubetwisted and other shapes; You also could order any size any color of the beads; If needs, we can control and adjust production time for your urgent order. Our customers who have cooperated with us clearly know that our production capacity is enormous; Our quality control is extremely strict; The price is very reasonable; Our service is the best; The most important thing is that we have been engaged in and focused on the jewelry industry for decades. If you are still looking for a reliable jewelry supplier,  Guzen Jewelry Company is your best choice!

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