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Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers in Fort Worth, TX

No city in the United States captures the essence of country living better than Fort Worth, TX — aptly being regarded as the city “where the West begins”. The city is known for its historic culture and attractions which give a nod to country lifestyles. It’s also an innovative hub, with business owners always keeping up with emerging industry trends.


The Native American history of the land has left behind some spiritual beliefs among the community. Handmade beaded jewelry is one of the vessels for these spiritual beliefs. Jewelry containing gemstones like turquoise and agate holds a lot of significance for many natives. The desire to wear handmade gemstone jewelry is now widespread among the young and the old in Fort Worth.


Business owners in the region have made the most of this phenomenon and incorporated it into their business strategies. You’ll find ample opportunity for jewelry businesses to thrive in Fort Worth, TX. This is where wholesale jewelry suppliers like Guzen Jewelry come in.


About Guzen Jewelry

Guzen Jewelry is a China-based online wholesale jewelry craft store which has been serving the American jewelry market for more than five years. We recognized the need for premium quality jewelry-making materials for Fort Worth jewelry businesses and realized that we’d be able to fulfill this need. If you’re a professional jewelry designer or home-based jewelry business owner in Fort Worth, you no longer have to scour the local market for high-quality jewelry-making materials. You can buy jewelry-making materials online from our store.


We offer a wide range of uniquely-sourced jewelry pieces at the best factory prices you’ll find online. Our range includes the following materials:


  • Gemstone beads and nuggets (Turquoise, agate, amazonite, etc.)
  • Bone beads
  • Pearls
  • Multi stones
  • Shell pieces and accessories
  • Gold-plated brass accessories and jewelry pieces

We don’t just offer materials you can use in your jewelry crafts, but also pieces you’ll need to assemble the final products. You can buy gold-plated brass clasps, chains, bead cabs, etc. All of these jewelry-making materials are available on our online craft store for wholesale delivery across Fort Worth, TX.


We ensure strict quality control measures to supply only the best quality pieces we can source for you. Our team also stays in tune with industry trends and latest designs to include the most advanced products in our range.


You can get in touch with us to place a bulk order.