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Colorado is a popular destination for lovers of nature, hiking, and all things Midwestern. Its state capital, Denver, is also known for its enchanting outdoors. It’s the perfect place to be if you prefer the peace and quiet of the mountains to the bustling nightlife of the metropolitans.


Denver hosts a community of people who appreciate the green outdoors. That’s why sustainable business practices in the city are also becoming increasingly popular. Residents of Denver, CO are starting to prefer handmade products to mass-produced ones— presenting an opportunity for creative individuals to start their own handmade craft businesses.


This sentiment extends to jewelry businesses as well. If you’re thinking of starting a crafty business in the city, you can opt for a jewelry craft business. This is because there are a lot of growth opportunities for jewelry businesses in the region due to a large customer base. Finding a great wholesale jewelry materials supplier in Denver, CO is also easy now — since you can buy wholesale beads and jewelry materials from our online jewelry craft store called Guzen Jewelry.

About Guzen Jewelry

Guzen Jewelry is an online jewelry craft store that supplies jewelry-making materials in wholesale quantities across Denver, CO. We have been helping US jewelry businesses access premium quality jewelry-making materials through our online jewelry craft store since it was first founded in 2016. Our owner started this shop after gaining in-depth experience of over 10 years in the jewelry industry.


Whether you’re a professional jewelry designer or the owner of a newly-started jewelry business, you can buy a range of jewelry accessories from our store. As wholesale jewelry vendors, we let you order jewelry accessories in bulk in Denver, CO. You can browse through our product catalog on our online store and find exactly what you need to make the most innovative jewelry crafts.


You can buy wholesale beads for jewelry-making in Denver, CO from us. You can also place orders for any of our other high-quality jewelry accessories like the following:


  • Gemstone beads
  • Shell accessories
  • Pearls
  • Gold-plated brass beads and accessories
  • Bone beads


We source our products from authentic manufacturers all over the world to ensure great quality. When buying from us, you won’t have to worry about customer service or quality control. That’s because we have strict measures in place to ensure both.


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